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Kuamarbhrutya is a branch of Ayurveda dedicated to the care of children. Because the health of a child is based on the health of the mother, Kaumarbhrutya also concentrates on specific aspects of the mother's health. The main concerns in child health are immunity, nutrition, digestion, and metabolism. Ayurveda also treats special cases of respiratory, cutaneous, and neurological problems.

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Asthma is a respiratory disorder marked by the constriction of the airways. This occurs when the body reacts to a trigger such as cold air, airborne allergens, emotional stress, or strenuous exercise. Patients experience symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing noises when breathing, coughing, and shortness of breath as their airways narrow. At Jiva Ayurveda, asthma therapy is totally tailored, including medications, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.
Asthma is caused by an excess of vata (cold), the consumption of kapha-stimulating foods, the weakening of lung tissues, and complications caused by lung disorders. Asthma is influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors. Cold or stale foods are difficult to digest, resulting in the production of ama (mucus), which blocks the respiratory tract and makes breathing difficult. Asthma is worse by living in a chilly, moist atmosphere.

Bed Wetting

It's common for tiny children to pass urine in their beds while they sleep. This inclination, however, remains in some youngsters even after they reach the age of five. It is considered an illness and is known as bedwetting or enuresis if it occurs at least twice a week for three months. Bedwetting, also known as shayyamutrata in Ayurveda, is the most common paediatric ailment.
Small urinary bladder capacity, weak bladder muscles, neurological issues, intestinal worms, psychological variables (fear, rage, etc.) and maturation delay are some of the causes of bedwetting. Bedwetting can be caused by a habit of drinking too much water or by genetic causes.

Childhood Asthma

Asthma is one of the most frequent pediatric chronic illnesses. It is a lung condition that causes difficulty breathing, coughing up mucus, and occasionally fever. Asthma causes coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath in children.
Asthma in children and babies is a serious health concern exhibiting continuous growth in frequency both in developing and industrialised nations. Children under the age of five years old account for 74% of asthma episodes in children, while children under the age of one year account for 26%. The male to female incidence ratio is 2:1.

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