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Many people perceive chakra meditation as something mysterious and visualize it as spiral bright energies that go around the spine upwards. Chakra Meditation deals with overcoming personal, spiritual and emotional blockages. Scientifically, Chakras are directly linked to the endocrine system which is responsible for controlling hormones inside human body and help open up our emotional and spiritual blocks linked to growth, metabolism and emotion. Generally only “Seven Chakras” are being mentioned here that are believed to lead towards enlightenment of a soul. 


Muladhara Chakra or Earth chakra

This is the first chakra which is blocked by fear, located at the base of the spine and governed by adrenal glands that are responsible for our responses when we are faced with threatening situations. Adrenal glands secrete hormones that make us very agitated or energetic so we can fight back. When our earth chakra and adrenal hormones are healthy, we feel calm, secure and grounded.


Swadhisthana Chakra or Water chakra

This is the second chakra located at the base of abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs. It promotes hormones that are responsible for the creation of life. The first two Chakras are known as the instinctive Chakras. They represent our most animalistic desires. The second chakra when blocked, we feel afraid of changes in life. 


Yoga poses like Ardha Matsyendra asana are important for keeping a healthy water chakra.


Manipura Chakra or fire chakra

This third chakra is also known as the “seat of the soul” or the power chakra. It is related to the pancreases which are responsible for release of insulin and glucagon. So blockage of this chakra leads to diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. This chakra is also works on ego, self confidence and power so when balanced, we feel self confident and emotionally secured.


Yoga postures such as Naukasana, paschimottan asana, uttanpada asna are quite helpful in unblocking this chakra. 


Anahata Chakra or Air chakra

This fourth chakra is associated with the thymus gland and represents self acceptance. Blockage of this chakra leads to weakened immune system and poor blood circulation and emotionally brings sense of grief. Generally speaking bad emotional state does great damage to our immune system. A person with a blocked fourth chakra is afraid of opening his heart to others, fears interacting with people. 


Yoga poses such as Bhujang Asana and Dhanur Asana are quite helpful for unblocking this chakra and meditating on happy memories and loved ones also helps.


Vishuddha Chakra or the Sound Chakra

This fifth chakra is associated with how we speak and listen to others. Although it is associated with thyroid glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism in human body it is strongly associated with our listening powers. Blockage of this chakra gives difficulty in self expression and leads a person towards lies. A person with a blocked sixth chakra might have a tendency of being dishonest.

Physically, we can strengthen this chakra with SimhasanaSarvang Asana  or Matsya Asana and chanting Om to focus stimulates this chakra. Ujjayi Pranayama also wakes up this chakra.


Ajna Chakra or the Light chakra

This sixth chakra is also perceived as the famous third eye responsible for sight. It acts on the pituitary gland which also helps regulate the entire endocrine system. This sixth chakra controls all of the other Chakras and strengthening it gives intuitiveness and foresight. We become more aware of the surroundings and the universe. 


This chakra can be unblocked doing Sasank Asana and mentally we can open this chakra by meditating right between our forehead with closed eyes. 


Sahasrara Chakra or the Thought chakra

The seventh chakra looks like a halo symbolical of enlightenment in a human being. In pictures gods and great saints are usually depicted with a halo over their head showing enlightenment or realization of the seventh chakra This chakra connects us with the universe and brings a spiritual understanding with in. This chakra gets blocked when we are too attached to the materialistic world and are ruled by our attachments and when we let go of these attachments we get enlightenment.


To stimulate this chakra we can perform Sirshasana and mentally we can stimulate the seventh chakra by realizing the cycle of life feeling ourselves in unison  with the universe. This chakra is associated with Samandhi which is considered to be the the state of pure bliss.


While meditating on the 7 Chakras we start from the bottom chakra and move towards the upper most chakra.


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