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There are three bandhs in the scheme of yogic exercises. They are Mool Bandh, Udiiyan Bandh & Jalandhar Bandh by the practice of these bandhs the whole body can be benefited to the great extent.


Choosing the Right Yoga Band

MoolBandh:Since this bandh is practiced at the root of the spine, it is known as Mool Bandh. Contracting the anus, draw upward the Apan Vayu slowly by practice, is called Mool Bandh. Mool Bandh can be usually practiced by sitting in any asana & every type of Pranayama. But it can be done while doing worldly duties like sitting on the shop or the chair in the office.


Benefits of Mool Bandh: one gains control over the alimentary canal. It ensures the proper functioning of all the organs of pelvic region. It removes all the weaknesses of the excretory organs. Though the ceaseless practice of Mool Bandh the Apan Vayu is made to move upward as a result of which the digestive power is stimulated in the naval region. The nerves, breath & feeling are brought under control.


UdiiyanBandh:when Pran is made to enter the SushumnaNadi, it is called Uddiyan Bandh. All the Vital Nadis in the body are located at the root of the naval, a little above the organ of generation. Empty lungs by a strong & forcible exhalation. Now contract forcibly draw up the intestines & also the naval towards the back, so that the root of the naval rests on the point against the back bone this is technique of Udiiyan Bandh.


Benefits of Uddiyan Bandh: This helpful in Agnisar & nauli Kriya. It alleviates the ailments of weak abdominal muscles & those of digestive organs & alimentary canal. It imparts strength to the expanding & contracting activity of the intestines.


The seminal energy moves in the same direction in which the Pran moves, hence, when the flow of the seminal energy ascends towards the BrahmRandh it makes the face resplendent.


Jalandhar Bandh:This bandh is practiced along with Internal Kumbhak or External Kumbhak& by pressing chin firmly on the chest & contracting the throat. It enhances the capacity of retaining the breath for longer period & uniting the Pran Vayu & its entry into BrahmRandhr is also eventually regulated.


Benefits of Jalandhar Bandh: the gastric fire which is situated in the NabhiRegion, consumes the nectar, which “exclude out of Sahasrar through the hole of the palate” is prevented by Jalandhar Bandh from being burnt out. The nectar stays in the throat & does not flow down.


Incorporating yoga bands into your practice can significantly enhance your body's internal lock, promoting strength and flexibility. As you explore this beneficial tool, consider complementing your routine with sessions at reputable Yoga Classes in Ghaziabad. Additionally, incorporating insights from an Ayurvedic Treatment Centre can further harmonize your wellness journey, aligning physical strength with holistic health practices. Embrace the synergy of yoga bands, guided by experienced instructors and supported by natural healing principles, to achieve a balanced and rejuvenated body and mind.


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