Introduction : When the arterial pressure is elevated above 140/90mm Hg, is called Hypertension. It is also called as silent killer. It is a disease of modern age caused by undisciplined lifestyle and drugs, stress and increased cholesterol due to wrong food habits. The fast pace of life, mental & physical pressure gives rise to psychological tensions. Worries, tension, stress and restless increase the adrenaline in the blood stream and this causes the pressures of the blood to rise. The patients often feel pain in the heart region, nervous tension & fatigue, negativity, emotionally imbalanced, tiredness, wakefulness and difficulty in breathing.

Yoga for Blood Pressure

Yoga for Blood Pressure : Yoga has the most powerful approach to cure and prevent high blood pressure or hypertension. Several studies found that after doing yoga the drug requirements was considerably reduced. Pranayama, mediation and relaxative postures normalize the blood pressure and calm down the restlessness of mind.

Course Description : Yogic management and Kriyas as required

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