Introduction : Studies shows a pregnant woman undergoes several type of changes like hormonal imbalance, emotional imbalance and physical imbalance problems. Therefore, yoga plays a role of true friend to cope up with such kind of problems. Yoga does help by tones up major group of muscles and improves the blood supply to the various organs". In addition, to pain management, meditation has been used to reduce the pain during delivery.

Yoga for Pre and Post-Natal Pregnancy

Yoga for Pre & Post-natal Pregnancy : Yoga has several exercises or postures that work wonders on a woman’s health and in pregnancy conditions. Varying widely in application and style, these exercises gently stretch all parts of body. During pregnancy, yoga Asanas is a gentle way to keep energetic and supple. The noteworthy effects of these exercises in pregnancy show the advantage of yoga for ensuring a smooth pregnancy, natural childbirth and restoration of body shape after childbirth.

Course Description : Yogic management and Kriyas as required

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