Introduction : Sinusitis is a disease this can cause a chronic ailment and gets worse in winter seasons. The inflammation of sinus is lined by epithelial cells and goblet cells, ciliated epithelial cells. It causes by upper respiratory infection, ear, nose, throat infection through viral infection and bacterial infection.

Yoga for Sinusitis

Yoga for Sinusitis / Nasal disorder : Yoga could be a better solution for the treatment of sinus. Yoga does a great relief to open the blockages of nasal septum and helps to allergic nasal condition. Yoga provides gentle massage to the muscles of the nostrils and opens the blockages for normal breathing. It provides relief from sneezing, coughing and other obstacles of breathing. Various poses of yoga can help in the treatment of sinusitis and chanting the mantra 'Om' helps greatly as a part of yoga for the treatment of sinus. The sound of Bhramari produces such vibrations which help to treat the sinusitis.

Course Description : Yogic management and Kriyas as required

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