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Fitness being the mantra, the Namo Gange Trust is conveying the message of health, peace and happiness among the people through “The Yogshala”. The Namo Gange Trust celebrated 1st International Yoga day on June 21st, 2015 and organized a yoga camp for 3000 residents of capital region. On the basis of excellent remarks and encouraging feedback, Namo Gange Trust is coming up with “The Yogshalas” to serve human and humanity at its best.

The first Yogshala with International Standards has come up at one of the most convenient location with proper connectivity in Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. The Yogshala is bringing wide range of yoga retreats and high profile yoga sessions for the benefit of all health seekers. The specialty of The Yogshala is to provide the most economical yoga framework with therapeutic approach at one place called The Yogshala. There are many more Yogshala yet to come all across India to serve the people through yoga, meditation, Yoga therapy and Naturopathy.

Our motive is to promote the ancient science of drugless system with holistic approach having no side-effects/after-effects. We are mainly focused on result oriented yoga and specialized yoga therapy to cure and prevent various disorders like stress, asthma, diabetes, obesity etc. The Yogshala offers the most scientific and authentic yoga practices to all male and female under expert guidance in natural and hygienic environment. Apart from regular classes from beginners to advanced level, we also offer special yoga sessions for corporate, senior citizens, housewives and children. Our yoga sessions are highly appreciated and commendable by the participants.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver compassionate and community based healing practices to human body, mind and soul. We promote and expand therapeutic message of Yoga which is one of the most ancient system of Indian origin. Our commitment is to provide health and wellness to the people of world through yoga and meditation.

Our vision is सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:, it means may all be happy and no one suffers on this planet. We are carrying and spreading the message of health, peace and harmony for the welfare of humanity all across the world. While considering drawbacks of globalization, we should join together to resolve all the burdens on our health and inner-self to make this world free of stress, anxieties, diseases and all sorts of negativities.


Dear Radiant Soul,

We all are living in an artificial world, where our activities are becoming mechanized by the development of science and technology. No doubt, in the age of modern gadgets, the inventions and equipments are facilitating our life at each and every level by adding lots of comfort and luxury. However, the development of science and technology is transferring human environment into an artificial environment, which shows absolute failure in providing emotional balance, self-acceptance and self realization. As a result, a man is still in search of health, peace and happiness in this materialistic world.

Therefore, Yoga comes here to play a vital role to restore natural human environment and self-knowledge. Our objective is to come up with “The Yogshalas” to provide an ideal place to learn and practice various forms of yoga in natural and hygienic environment. In this regard, we are committed to provide health, peace and happiness in our society through yoga, meditation and yoga therapy. All age group people are welcome to join with us to grow their own luminous nature through disciplined yoga teachings.


  • Acharya Shri Jagdishji Maharaj
  • Namo Gange Trust

|| ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति: || Om Shanti Shanti h4 ||


The Yogshala has privilege to have well qualified, experienced and certified yoga professionals. We found them most knowledgeable, dedicated, committed, enthusiastic and ever willing to help member of our team. Our professionals are capable to teach various yoga styles with proficiency of English and Hindi speaking. Few of them represented India abroad in diplomatic communities, United Nations and also worked for ministry of external affairs, government of India. Our professionals believe sharing the practice is a spiritual expression and a way of expressing gratitude.

Acharyaji’s vision revolves around Educational, Healthcare, Ecological, Spiritual, Cultural, Moral and Social awareness to benefit the people of globe. However, there are such areas where Acharyaji has done incredible contribution to the mankind.

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